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At Discreet, we work closely with you to understand your unique needs and requirements and use our skills and knowledge to create solutions that surpass your expectations.

With our commitment to quality, precision, and attention to detail, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding results that exceed even the highest standards.

Our team comprises the best people in the Wellington area, bringing years of experience & expertise to every project.

Combining Design & Construction Expertise For A Cost Saving Project

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to act as both the designer and builder. This not only promotes increased collaboration between the design and construction teams but also results in a superior end product, quicker project completion, and reduced costs.

Most people do not know that a metal building company is going to use an architect, and it’s included in the costs of their own choosing. At Discreet Build, we ARE the architect and construction. What this does is…

  • Superior end product
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Reduced costs

Meet The Owner – Wes Morgan

wes morgan wichita ks

Wes Morgan is a well-known architect in Wichita, KS, who specializes in designing metal buildings. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Wes has become a go-to architect for those needing quality and durable metal buildings.

Born and raised in Wichita, Wes has always been fascinated by the city’s architectural designs. He attended Wichita State University, earning his bachelor’s degree in architecture. After graduation, he worked for several architectural firms in the city, honing his skills and gaining valuable experience in the field.

In 2022, Wes decided to start his own architectural firm, focusing on the design of metal buildings. His passion for metal buildings stemmed from his admiration for their strength, durability, and versatility. He saw the potential of metal buildings to transform the construction industry and set out to create innovative designs that would meet the needs of his clients.

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